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I'm going to give you information on how you can grow your power to evolve to the point you have command of your life. First I'll relate some history that pertains to how you will increase your power. I have been using and studying quartz for over forty years. I now know the power quartz has and how to use it.

I have an amethyst point (I often take my point with me when I travel) and a milky quartz cluster that have been with me for over thirty years. These two pieces of quartz have helped me change my life over the years. For several years, the two stones just sat on my desk and I held them when I was contemplating a problem. The cluster moved to the side of my bed for a few years and helped me discover to have lucid dreams. I often meditated with one or both crystals. The stones came to West Virginia with me and accompany me in my work room. I still hold and meditate with them. And-I listen to my beloved crystals. I now know I have attained almost all my goals in life. The remaining aspirations I am working toward and know they are within my grasp. There is an amazing fact I have learned about the crystals--they will guide you to what will make your life the best.

You may think you know exactly what will make your life perfect. There is no perfect, but only motivated moments that become the guide that allows you to truly feel fulfilled. I stepped on that guided course many years ago and at times I stubbornly insisted to take a detour, but I managed to always get back on the path. Along the way I changed my goals many times. If I had been more wise, I could have achieved my desires long ago. All I had to do was listen to my crystals.

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Special Rose Quartz and Serenity stones.

I declare 2016 the year to keep rose quartz and angelite in your pocket.

Gemstone Chip Necklaces, Earrings & Bracelets

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Symbols,Totems and Guides can help you to stay on the right path.

Runeset to guide your life.


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Gemstones have been building power for centuries deep in the earth. A combination of sun or moon and your focus and intent discharge gemstone magic power for your personal use. Beautiful gemstones can be attuned to your thoughts and desires and apply that power to benefit you. Each stone has a meaning, often several meanings. Learn the meaning of gemstones to improve your life.


Gemstones and crystals have been a source of magic, power and mystery since prehistoric times.
The magic power in gemstones and crystals can bring love, prosperity, luck in business, protection. Use them properly and you will have magic in your life!
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Most of the stones are machine tumbled gemstones. Tumbled gemstones vary in size and no two tumbled gemstones are the same. A few of the stones are hand polished and others are in the raw state.

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