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We've been out in the woods all night, gathering in the May.


Beltane or Beltaine is no longer a widely celebrated occasion. There was a time great fires were lit in meadows on Beltane eve, April 30, to celebrate the Great Rite between the May Queen and the victorious Stag Lord. It was believed that without the Great Rite fertility would not grace the land in the coming summer. Beltane, the night before May Day, was a time for sexual freedom and fun. On the morning of May 1, some couples would hand-fast, that is they would agree to live together for a year and a day. There was a time when there were no illegitimate children: all children were the child of the mother before patriarchal societies became dominant. The May Pole had yards and yards of colorful ribbons woven and plaited around a pole or tree, usually oak, to welcome summer, warmth and a good growing season. Dancing, eating, including pork in some form, drinking and laughter helped to ensure the summer would be fertile. Willow and hawthorn were considered trees to bring luck in love for the month of May.

Beltane is celebrated during the sign of Taurus, a fixed Earth sign, ruled by Venus and Moon. Taureans are often sensual, being influenced by Venus and Moon. Beltane is a most sensual occasion and should be celebrated with sensual pleasures. Today many people frown on enjoying sensual pleasure. Delight in the feel of silk on your skin, the taste of rich, dark chocolate, the fresh scent of grass, romantic music played on a violin and the face of your love: pleasures that engage your senses and release you to experience bliss. Allow yourself to have joy, wealth and health.


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Gemstones have been building power for centuries deep in the earth. A combination of sun or moon and your focus and intent discharge gemstone magic power for your personal use. Beautiful gemstones can be attuned to your thoughts and desires and apply that power to benefit you. Each stone has a meaning, often several meanings. Learn the meaning of gemstones to improve your life.


Gemstones and crystals have been a source of magic, power and mystery since prehistoric times.
The magic power in gemstones and crystals can bring love, prosperity, luck in business, protection. Use them properly and you will have magic in your life!
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Most of the stones are machine tumbled gemstones. Tumbled gemstones vary in size and no two tumbled gemstones are the same. A few of the stones are hand polished and others are in the raw state.

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