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A basket, bowl or bag of Oracle Stones to welcome your guests is a fun and often profound part of your holiday celebrations. Amazingly people will get what they need, not necessarily what they want. Many times I have heard a guest say, "This doesn't apply to me at all," after reading the meaning tucked in with the stone. Then maybe a month or two later that same person will come to me and say, "That stone I got last winter solstice, at your house, has really changed --." Usually I'm told it has changed the way that person thinks or looks at life or even loves. Most people I notice just read the meaning, smile or frown and put the stone in their pocket or purse. Some guests want to discuss the stone during the evening, which leads others to bring out his or her stone and a wonderful conversation develops. Not everyone will take the power of the stone seriously, but the power will impact their lives in subtle ways.

Offer your guests an Oracle Stone and know you are the tool to help alter your friends in a lovely way.

This year I will send a small bag for every stone you choose as a gift to you and your guests.

Oracle Stones



Mysterious and powerful crystals said to be from the fabled land of Lemuria.

answer your question!

Symbols,Totems and Guides can help you to stay on the right path.

Runeset to guide your life.


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Gemstones have been building power for centuries deep in the earth. A combination of sun or moon and your focus and intent discharge gemstone magic power for your personal use. Beautiful gemstones can be attuned to your thoughts and desires and apply that power to benefit you. Each stone has a meaning, often several meanings. Learn the meaning of gemstones to improve your life.


Gemstones and crystals have been a source of magic, power and mystery since prehistoric times.
The magic power in gemstones and crystals can bring love, prosperity, luck in business, protection. Use them properly and you will have magic in your life!
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Most of the stones are machine tumbled gemstones. Tumbled gemstones vary in size and no two tumbled gemstones are the same. A few of the stones are hand polished and others are in the raw state.

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