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Introspection and Discovery

A new year gives you permission to wipe the slate clean and live your life the way you know it will be a better and more satisfying life. Take the opportunity to have 2017 be a year of introspection and discovery. Really create your life. Acknowledge and release beliefs and ideas that are not productive to helping you. Examine your thoughts for secrets that you harbor deep within you. Possibly secrets of shame or guilt. Maybe regrets of words spoken or unspoken. Do you drag hurts from your past like a dead weight around your neck? The hurts are dead, bury them far from you. Stand tall and free. Whatever your secret, it is the past--it is behind you. Whatever your secret--what was done to you or what you did--it can be released. Don't allow old guilt, shame or anger control you. You control yourself. Go forward. Do the most difficult task--forgive yourself--and then forgive others. Forgive and move ahead to create your life. You can make choices. Choose to forgive and you will change to a more content person. Make positive choices for yourself. You deserve the most wonderful life.
During the month of January meditate on What secrets do I harbor that are keeping me from a rewarding life?



Mysterious and powerful crystals said to be from the fabled land of Lemuria.

answer your question!

Symbols,Totems and Guides can help you to stay on the right path.

Runeset to guide your life.




New Start

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You have come to the web site where you can improve your life in aspects of love, money, protection and peace of mind. Today you can start living the way you truly feel you should.

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Crystals and gemstones have been building power for centuries deep in the earth. A combination of sun or moon and your focus and intent discharge crystal and gemstone power for your personal use. Beautiful gemstones and crystals can be attuned to your thoughts and desires and apply that power to benefit you. Each crystal and stone has a meaning, often several meanings. Learn the meaning of gemstones and crystals to improve your life.


Gemstones and crystals have been a source of magic, power and mystery since prehistoric times.
The magic power in gemstones and crystals can bring love, prosperity, luck in business, protection. Use them properly and you will have magic in your life!
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Most of the stones are machine tumbled gemstones. Tumbled gemstones vary in size and no two tumbled gemstones are the same. A few of the stones are hand polished and others are in the raw state.

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