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Rituals for change

Most rituals and spells are done for change. Life is not going the way you want, you need more good luck. You want more money. The person you love doesn't love you the way you think you should be loved. You have all kinds of fears and want protection. These are some of the reasons many spells and rituals are done. Rituals like this are "change" rituals. Change rituals often involve another person as part of what you view as your happiness.

Increase What You Have

There are rituals for thanks, blessings and forgiveness. These rituals are to increase the good things that you already have in your life. These rituals are "thankful increase" rituals or just "increase" rituals. There are a few rituals that are a combination of the change and increase rituals. The Tarot Strength ritual is a combination in a sense that you all have courage, inner resources and will power, but maybe not in the degree you need to accomplish your goals.

The increase ritual is usually done to keep life going well. Now you may ask, "Why do a ritual if life is going fine?" You may say, "Thank goodness I have a saving account at my bank". You have money there, but you have to put more money in the account to have more. The little bit of interest that the account gives you is not a very big increase and you want to make sure that you have money in the future. Doing an increase ritual is like adding money to the saving account. You can then say, "Thank goodness, my money is growing". Taking the time to do an increase ritual once or twice a year is well worth the effort. Think of the good things you now have in your life and take the time to make sure there are there with an increase ritual.

Change What You Don't Have

In change rituals, it is important to remember you can't "change" another person. So the aim of the ritual is to change the perceptions of the person doing the ritual and in that respect you will change the perceptions of another person. An example of this is the "Bring Your Love Back" ritual. Done correctly this ritual has amazing results. In this ritual one or both parties are letting go of past blame and are promising to forgive old mistakes by both parties. During a ritual the focus is so intense and concentrated that behavior that may have taken months to change, can happen in a few days. It is possible for two people to totally fall in love with each other again.

Make Your Change and Keep It!

To keep the success of a change ritual, it is wise to do an increase ritual after the change has occurred. This way you are assured that the change will stay.

So check this site often for the next lesson in magic. You are going to learn how, why, when and where to do magic.

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