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Rid Yourself of Guilt

Guilt holds you back from being the person you should be. Guilt has no good purpose. If you have done something that you are truly sorry that you did, then there is no reason for to haul the heavy load of guilt around with you. Forgive yourself! Forgive others who may have wronged you. Holding a grudge is also a heavy load. It is time you stood up tall. Throw away you guilt and grudges. Let go of the burdens you are holding so close to you.

Forgiveness isn't really about what someone did or didn't do to or for you. Forgiveness is about how you handle the incident. Do you think about what happen often? Are you angry, hurt, fearful or have feelings of guilt? These are the emotions you must let go. These are the emotions that make you ill. These emotions can keep you from a contented life. The person or persons that have harmed your mind or body may or may not still be in your life, but you have to move on from the occurrence. I don't mean you should try to forget what happen to you. You will always remember, but the feelings that the incident provoke in you may be causing you more harm. It is the feelings that you must let go. You must forgive to allow the emotions to leave you.

Bravery is required to forgive. You must have courage to not allow feelings about a past hurt to harm your present life. You may not be able to forgive all at once. It may take a few days or even weeks to finally feel the heavy weight of detrimental emotions to leave you. Even then, there may be times a sudden flurry of emotion about the event sweeps over you. Take a deep breath and let the feeling go with the release of your breath.

AUGUST 5 is international Forgiveness Day. Mark it on your calendar and forgive.

Clear Yourself of Burdens

Start this ritual on Sunday.

Sunday morning put your amethyst, black onyx, crystal quartz and geo in a clear glass bowl. Pour the bag of sea salt over the stones and leave them in a place where the sun will shine on them for at least an hour.

After 6PM take the stones out of the salt and put them on your altar along with your lilac or lavender incense and incense burner. Have matches close. Keep the salt in the bowl and put it on your altar also.

Light the incense. After the incense is burning, take the amethyst and pass it over the incense. Hold it and feel your anger. See your anger as a red haze around you.

Pass the black onyx over the incense and feel that anger leaving you.

Pass the crystal over the incense and breath in very deeply and then blow out the air and picture your burden is leaving you. See the red haze changing to a soft white.

Hold the geo and picture your anger, guilt and grudges inside the geo. Blow into the geo the last of your burden. Put the geo in the bowl of salt.

Put the amethyst, black onyx and crystal in the bag. Put the bag is a safe place or carry it with you. Leave the geo in the salt until Saturday, then take the geo and salt and throw them into a river, stream or creek. Allow your burdens to be taken away.

The next day, Sunday, light your incense and pass all 3 stones over it and know your burdens are gone. Keep the stones in the bag.

Allow yourself to be free!

For this ritual, you need:

  • 1 amethyst -
    will allow you to release anger
  • 1 black onyx -
    will protect you will you let go
  • 1 crystal quartz -
    will give you the power
  • 1 geo -
    will allow your burden to be taken away
  • sea salt -
    will ground and cleanse your stones
  • bag -
    will harbor the stones of newness
  • lavender or lilac incense -
    will bring you peace


Includes amethyst, black onyx, crystal quartz, geo, sea salt and bag...$15.99

Special Bag of Friendship Stones

Get several Bags one for you to keep your friends close and give a Bag to each of your friends.

(includes 5 special friendship stones: sodalite, malachite, hematite, carnelian and unakite in a special friendship bag)




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