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Sleep Sack

Each Sleep Sack comes with two herbs and a stone with a muslin bag.

You will have to get a notebook and pen.

You will get full instructions with each Sleep Sack.

Creativity Sleep Sack

This Sleep Sack will help you find your inner creativity. You may find new ways to study, make money or write a letter. You can ask almost any question with Creativity Sleep Sack.

This is my personal Sleep Sack.

Love Sleep Sack

This Sleep Sack will help you in all your relationship questions. Not only can you dream about love, but about friendly relationships, also.

Use Love Sleep Sack and High Self Sleep Sack to glimpse your soul mates.

Money Sleep Sack

This Sleep Sack will help you find new ways to make money. Sometimes you have to listen to the message in your dream carefully.

A friend had asked me to make her a Money Sleep Sack after a divorce. After several nights, she called me and said it wasn't working, every night she dreamed she was cooking or baking. She confessed she baked when she was upset because it was so calming. I asked her what she liked to bake and she answered "Cup cakes." She now has a prosperous cake cup business.

Use Money Sleep Sack and Creativity Sleep Sack together to discover the business or career that will be successful for you.

Family and Home Sleep Sack

This Sleep Sack will help you find the answers that you have involving your home life and members of your family.

Combined with Money Sleep Sack you can get help on how your family can save money and be more successful.

Higher Self Sleep Sack

This Sleep Sack will help you get in closer touch with your guides and angels. It can also help you have restful sleep. You can use Higher Self Sleep Sack to see past lives also.

I often use this Sleep Sack alone or with my Creativity Sleep Sack.


Includes Lavender, Calendula, Bloodstone and Muslin Sack...$7.99


Includes Lavender, Rose Buds, Hessonite Garnet and Muslin Sack...$7.99


Includes Lavender, Cloves, Tiger Eye and Muslin Sack...$7.99


Includes Lavender, Rosemary, Pyrite and Muslin Sack...$7.99


Includes Lavender, Mint, Amethyst and Muslin Sack...$7.99



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