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You feel you need a boost in your life, but you're not sure what is not working. Whatever improvement you need will clarify itself with the help of Calcite Vitalizing Ritual. Calcite has a healing spiritual energy that is gentle and refreshing. Calcite Vitalizing Ritual will help open blocks the will enable you to view your life in ways that were not possible before. You will see yourself in the way you are destined to be. You can be restored to the enthusiasm of youth. Awaken your sleeping creative influence.

Blocks are what you tell yourself, or what others tell you, you should be or do. The should may not be true. Blocks close you up so it is difficult to accept love, money or even good health. You are so very special you deserve to have a beautiful and satisfying life. Clear yourself of old defeating behaviors. You can be refreshed and excited about life without blocks holding you back. It is necessary to have a zest for life if you want success. Bring that vital force into your life.

This may be the most important ritual you will ever do. This ritual is totally from your heart. You are the magic. It will allow you to face yourself as you are. You may find you want to change some things or you may find that you have been wonderful all along, but not using all your vitality that is the source of your life which gives you the success in love, financial gain, friends ,health or any other thing that you should have.


Calcite Vitalizing Ritual

Usual silvery-gray calcite will help you release blocks and discover new patterns in your life. You can forgive yourself for any past faults and move-on. It will help you to accept help from others.

Orange calcite will reinforce your ability to see that your past harmful actions can be changed and suddenly obvious new paths will open for you. It will help you heal from any old damage done to you and let it go. Orange calcite will help you release sexual problems and let you be comfortable with you sexual energy. Often after working with orange calcite you will find you have new creative power that you never had before. Your creative power is what guides you to find better ways of living.

Red calcite is a soft energy that brings your charkas into alignment, especially bringing the physical and spiritual into position. It opens the door to seeing life in a new and amazing way. Red calcite takes you back to feeling of youthfulness. The excitement of welcoming each day and being spontaneous can be yours.

This ritual is different from any that I have offered before. I have not written a spell for this ritual. I have given you a guide, you must say the words from your heart that will be the spell.

First ask yourself the following question.

What is are I am doing that is keeping me from having what I think I should have?
Why don't I love myself completely?
Where do I want to be now?
When did I stop finding life exciting?
How will I stop defeating myself?

After you answer the questions - and, please, take your time, even if it takes several days be totally honest with yourself - and feel you have found the ways that you have been blocking yourself, you will write your spell. (It took me several weeks before I was ready, many years ago.)


This is your personal spell.

I now ....
I love myself completely now that I....
I now see myself ( the answer to question 3, it could be a place or a condition).
I find life exciting now that I ....
I am a wonderful person and always am where I should be while I travel my path to .... I now forgive myself for any and all past mistakes.

After you have written your spell - and, yes, you must write it and have a written paper to read - you may find that after a time you may want to change a few words. If you change the wording, write it all new again, don't cross out words. Always keep the previous spell. You will see yourself grow as you repeat this ritual during your life. You should do the spell and ritual every few months.

This is an example of how I answered the questions and wrote my answers that are my Spell.

For example: The first question I answered - I find ways to put myself down by saying I'm not knowledgeable enough or good enough to help other people, even when that is what I want to do and I'm afraid what some people will think about me. If people knew that I sometimes know things about them without anyone telling me. If people knew that I sometimes see things no one else can see.

The spell I say - I now know my ability to help others is useful to myself and other people and I will use it every day by meditating and studying and learning in every way I can to help others. I will feel proud that I do this. I now realize that I can't control what other people think about me, so it doesn't matter what they think as long as I feel good about myself. (I visualize myself surrounded by books in a gorgeous garden of herbs and with stones all around. People are in the distance going about their contented lives, some wave to me and smile.)

Second question - I answered - I haven't loved myself because I'm not doing what I always wanted to do.

The spell I say - I love myself completely. I have found that helping others is the path I have always desired. I love myself completely. I'm doing what I want. I love myself completely. I'm a valuable person and I love myself completely. (I visualize myself sitting in a rose colored chair surround by flowers and people I love. There is beautiful music in the background and sunlight.)

When I did a similar ritual many years ago it changed my life. The silvery-grey calcite is beside my computer as I write this and I often hold it. My truth came - and is still coming- on other times I preformed the ritual. I discovered I was too judgmental and sometimes controlling. With each breakthrough I have been happier, more satisfied and definitely there is much more love in my life. I will continue to do the ritual and I will continue to be a better happier person. I truly wish the same for you.

Your Ritual

You have your written spell. Arrange the stones in front of you as you sit in a chair or on the floor. Hold the silvery-grey calcite in your right hand and say your spell. As you say each line, visualize how you see yourself being what you are saying. Take your time. When you finish you should feel revitalized and relaxed. Do the ritual as often as you feel you want to, but every third month is good.

I repeat. This may be the most important ritual you will ever do. This ritual is totally from your heart. It will allow you to face yourself as you are. You are the magic in your life. You may find you want to change some things or you may find that have been wonderful all along. This is a great challenge for you, but I know you are brave enough to face yourself, to become a better you.

Keep the silvery-grey calcite where you can hold it and see it.
Put 1 orange calcite, 1 red calcite and the natural ruby in the blue bag and place them under the corner of your mattress where you sleep.
Put 2 orange calcite, 1 red calcite, the carnelian and black tourmaline crystal in the blue bag and place them where you do most of your work, such as in a drawer or locker or even in your pocket.
When you do the ritual again you can place the stones in front of you and then put them back in the bags. Put the stones in the sun every 6 months to re-new the energy.

May you be excited about each day and love your new life,

For this spell, you have:

  • 1 silvery-grey calcite--to release blocks
  • 3 orange calcite--for creative power
  • 1 carnelian--enhancement for creative power
  • 2 red clacite--to be receptive to change
  • 1 natural ruby--enhancement fo life forces
  • 1 black tourmaline crystal--for grounding you in this unusally powerful period of your life
  • 1 black bag
  • 1 blue bag



Personal Power Stones Kit

Keep this bag of stones with and increase your personal power!!

Personal Power Stones Kit includes:
crystal quartz, red jasper, black tourmaline, amethyst, turquoise, carnielian, howlite and Power pouch




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